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History and Mission

We unite our global community of women leaders to advance women’s leadership today and tomorrow.

At International Women's Forum (IWF), we are committed to advancing women’s leadership and championing equality, globally and locally.

IWF’s story began when Elinor Guggenheimer – the first woman member of the New York City Planning Commission – went to a meeting in Philadelphia. When she arrived, she was told that the only women allowed in the building were waitresses and maids. Elly found a maid’s uniform, put it on and took her rightful place at the table.

At that moment, she knew something more had to be done.

In 1974, Elly started what eventually became the International Women’s Forum with three other incredible founders. It quickly spread to other cities across the country and eventually, around the world. At the time,women were just beginning to break into the highest levels of leadership. A woman ascended the Fortune 500 list as the first female CEO while another woman was about to scale Mount Everest.

Today, we are those CEOs and mountain climbers. We are Nobel Laureates, sports legends and Olympic gold medalists; entrepreneurs, business leaders and film stars; astronauts, prime ministers and presidents.

After 50 years, we continue to bring together the world’s most exemplary and high-achieving women. We connect and promote more than 7,500 leaders across 33 countries around the world. We are truly global.

We have elevated more than 600 international fellows – society’s rising stars – to accelerate the potential of the next generation, and to lead the world tomorrow.

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The IWF is a global organization of preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. It is a one-of-a-kind organization of singular standing in the world today that furthers dynamic leadership, leverages global success, and maximizes opportunities for women to exert their influence.

Founded in 1982, members from across six continents into 33 countries and 74 affiliated locations. There are more than 7,500 members throughout the world. The IWF facilitates networking among women of achievement and promotes opportunities for women in leadership.

The Mission

The International Women’s Forum advances leadership across career, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. The IWF brings together an unprecedented global membership to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better leadership for a changing world.

IWF Values

  • Embracing women’s leadership – past, present and future
  • Respecting different points of view
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Enriching other’s lives
  • Supporting a global, national and local network of women leaders
  • Opening possibilities
  • Feeding the pipeline of future women leaders


IWF membership is by invitation and is influenced by definitive international standards. Membership matters are the province of affiliated IWF chapters throughout the world, located in 33 countries and on six continents. The IWF is a unique organization with a membership base as diverse in fields of endeavor yet similar in level of achievement and success. Members of the IWF are the world’s women leaders who serve and lead their countries, governments, corporations, businesses, academic institutions, arts communities, philanthropic enterprises and organizations for trade, diplomacy, science and research. They are heads of state, chief executive officers, entrepreneurs, opinion-leaders, decision-makers and pathfinders to success.

Through the IWF’s Leadership Foundation, the vision and instincts of IWF’s prominent membership are shared with the public throughout the world. As the IWF’s education and training arm, the Leadership Foundation provides members the opportunity to preserve and communicate a world of knowledge and understanding that is vital to the future prospects of women leaders.

IWF Utah

Background and History

The IWF Utah Chapter was established in 1994 with Katie Dixon serving as its first president. It is an organization of outstanding Utah women of significant and diverse achievement. We are aligned with IWF Global sharing their core values and generally following their format and criteria.

We meet quarterly in networking forums, socials, and dine-arounds

  • Getting to know one another
  • Joining together on projects of mutual interest
  • Exploring educational opportunities
  • Attending and participating in global conferences

Women who meet the membership criteria can be nominated by any member by sending a Letter of Recommend and a CV/Bio of the candidate to the Membership Chair. New members must receive an affirmative vote from 2/3 of the active Utah Forum membership. Annual dues of $365 are used to cover global fees, administration, and incidentals.

IWF Utah Past Chapter Presidents

  • Gretchen Anderson (Current)
  • Lucinda Kindred
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Margo Provost
  • Andrea Wolcott
  • Ruth Novak and Jeanne McJoynt (Co-Presidents)
  • Helen Graber
  • Deborah Bayle
  • Anne Erickson
  • Katie Dixon

IWF Utah Members who have served in leadership capacity at the global level

  • IWF Board Chair – Deedee Corradini
  • IWF Leadership Foundation Treasurer and Director – Margo Provost

IWF Utah Members who are global award recipients

Women Who Make a Difference Award Recipients

Since 1987, the Women Who Make a Difference Awards have celebrated the tremendous accomplishments and contributions that IWF members have made to their communities and the world. The annual awards are presented alongside the International Hall of Fame Award at the World Leadership Conference. The awardees ’contributions form an exemplary role model for women’s progress and highlight the impact of the IWF network around the world.

  • 1996 | Esther Rosenblatt Landa
  • 2002 | F. Marion Bishop
  • 2008 | Deedee Corradini
  • 2013 | Anne Burkholder

International Women's Forum Utah is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 3281, SLC, UT 84110-3281

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